“The place gives us the gift of the project.”

– Harken Jensen, Arquitect.

The Winery Cellar.

The López Pangue Winery is a work conceived as a gift to the Valley of El Pangue, as the culmination of a long process of more than a decade of work, experimentation, analysis, practice, and observation.

Preserving the natural resources of the place where technology is combined with ecology.

The architect Harken Jensen, an old friend of the house, who has devoted himself body and soul to the project, explains: “The work is buried, the ground is wounded, then is covered and a base floor is left. The land that was excavated forms the walls of the second floor with the old system of “Barro Quincha” and the work is covered with a double skin, a lattice of quebrachos, an exterior protective framework built with eucalyptus sticks from an old plantation.

This double skin protects the building from the heat in pursuit of the necessary freshness inside the wine cellar.

In addition, with the incorporation of Swiss machinery and French, Spanish, American, Italian, and Chilean container tanks a modern, ecological, and technological winery is completed.

“The most interesting project under development in Chile nowadays”, according to Pedro Izquierdo Huneus, a renowned Chilean viticulturist, “because no effort has been spared to do it with excellence”.