Doing the best with what we have.

Viña López Pangue is a dream where we bring together in one place its people with effort, excellence, and beauty.

“We want to increase the dignity of El Pangue where its people can feel proud of this beautiful place and its high-quality wines.”

We have done a methodical and constant work with great collaborators, passion, and joy. That makes us satisfied.

Making History

The Place I Fell in Love With

El Pangue is a small valley in the hills of the Cordillera de la Costa located between Curacaví and Casablanca. About 2297 ft above sea level and 25 miles from the ocean. This microclimate of coastal influence and altitude allows the grapes to ripen slowly, delivering freshness and unique flavors.

Our Team

Félix López

 General Director

Antón López


Hernán Avilés

Vineyard General Manager

Nelly Gutiérrez

Business Manager

Paula Cárdenas


Pedro Izquierdo